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something dark (done) something dark (done)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty bad ass

Good synths, and I wish I could be more original with my comment, but i'm having the same thoughts as T-Rebel. The part at 0:35 was the kick ass part of the song, and then the song kind of fell of at that point. I would suggest, instead of pushing that part forward, you could probably repeat it later in the song before the song loses it's Umph. You don't have to striaght up repeat it either, you could make a little variation of it. Anyway, Good song :)

Evil-Dog - Presumed Dead Evil-Dog - Presumed Dead

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Sounds great!

This is a damn good song. And in response to i9, this song is too good for vocals! The guitars are already singing!

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Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks man! It's true though, with multiple melodic guitars, it becomes hard to introduce vocals, we struggle to take my solo work for the band because of that.

The Invasion &amp;lt;.&amp;lt;DEMO&amp;gt;.&amp;gt; The Invasion <.<DEMO>.>

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Those samples, yeck.

But I can give this a good score because of the great composition, and it's understandable if you don't have all the great samples available to you. Invest in a good DAW, and get some good VSTi (samples) from native instruments or garritan. They'll do wonders for you.

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gopotter responds:

I need a good interface, that's the main problem... if I could get an interface that I could figure out easily, I would have gotten it immediately, but I can't find one that's as simple to use as nf...